[SOLVED] matcap in cycles with nodes

I’m currently somehow trying to use a matcap image as a material input for cycles. measing, that I want to have the glsl shading available in cycles rendered mode.

therefore I’m using the matcap imagetexture as color input for a diffuse material and then trying out different vector inputs for the texture node. I also tried messing with vector math node, but I’m very rusty in vector math

so, is there actually a way to use matcaps as material or color input for cycles? there must be some way to actually get the right input to map the image to an object.
with some combinations of vector inputs, I managed to get some sort of projection, but it’s always viewport based and the image repeats itself. it doesnt really consider the normals of the object.

if you want to try yourself, and are very familiar with the vector nodes and everything, you can download matcap images from here: http://bensimonds.com/2010/07/30/matcap-generator/

using matcaps as materials for rendering might be a way to speed up render times…

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Cycles does not support screen space normal input :frowning:

Despide the fact that the need for such a material eludes me, here’s what I would do:

Basically the main thing is that texture is sampled using Reflection texture coordinates, all the rest is just fuss, like mixing in some glossy.

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well, it would be a good way to fake none-mirror-like reflections and all sorts of things. in a matcap there is kind of a lot of information stored, which could help to speed up render times if you dont need 100% perfectly calculated scenes.

I found this: http://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/2034/can-cycles-do-a-gooch-shader/2051#2051
works very good. still not really perfect, because it’s kind of a workaround, but cool

but still thanks for the replies

Wait 2.69 :slight_smile:

This didnt really give me the matcap effect:

Desire effect would look more look this:

Is there something I’m missing?

Okay checked this still works for me…

Success! Its a handy effect, faking shine and lighting is good for speeding up rendering.


Glad it worked out for you. Yes, a handy effect. Also for dust, rust and fading on the upper surfaces of objects, and don’t forget to try it for a very unique bump mapping method. An image texture is a very fast alternative to procedurals as well. This mapping method avoids repetition very well although it does break things up so not always appropriate.

The problem is that it seams not to work over linked groups.
I think its related to Object coords in Vector transform node.

It’s a shame, for this is realy nice to simulate fake highlight in characters eyes.

Does anybody know, how to get the usable normals without matcap image?
When i connect the vector mapping directly to color (skipping the texture node)
i get somewhat close result, but it’s not suitable for use as a normal map.
I’d just prefer to use, what is naturally available.