[SOLVED]Mdd Import Broken?

I can’t seem to get it to work. I can load a mesh into LightWave and load up the mdd file from Softimage. But when I load the mesh and mdd file into Blender the mesh is scrambled.

Even tried saving out the .mdd from LightWave and it still imports scrambled.

The point order is messed up. Used to work in Blender before. I think it works in 2.49 still.

Any news, tips?

I know that when I import an .obj file (before adding an mdd modifier), I always have to remember to select the “keep vert order”. I assume tou are using an .lwo instead of an .obj. Not sure if there is anything similar since I have no .lwo objects.

Ah, perfect. I was hoping someone would have a tip. That is the ticket. I was importing .obj and completely missed that setting. Thanks!