[Solved] Mirror pb

I followed a tutorial to make wings but i have a problem when i mirror my wing.

The astuce to make feathers were to use a plane to replicate my feather on faces.
The problem is than my leather in the mirror side has turn on 90°.
I attach a blend file if u can take a look.
Use Edit mode to see the mirror leathers.
wings_pb_mirror.blend (454 KB)

What i did :

  • import my leather
  • create a plane
  • put the plane origin at the leather origin (which is at the top)
  • only move the plane in edit mode after that
  • make the leather the child of the plane
  • in object use replicate by faces
  • edit the place and duplicate faces to have more faces

when i mirror the plane the leather turn at 90°, if that were 180° ok but why 90° ? and how correct it plz.

Indeed, when mirror modifier is applied, mirrored parts have mirrored individual axis orientations . While Z points the same direction, X and Y are swapped. As a result you get this seemingly unexpected 90 deg rotation.

Guess you have to rotate parts where needed…

Thanks for the answer. I hoped something faster :frowning:

How can i put the thread “solved” ?

Edit your initial message, go to Advanced, change the Prefix (You don’t have much choice here…) and save.