[Solved] Placing fur cards efficienly?

fur cards
I’d like to know a best way to place large number of planes imitating fur, like on a screenshot. Ideally, having each object snap to surface normals, and then setting the rotation angle around normal. I made an animation to illustrate:

(Basically, something that replicates Zbrush MeshInsert brush with DragRect stroke). As an alternative, is there a way to display instanced meshes in Particle Edit mode of a Hair system? Since it would be good solution, but it has poor visual feedback

(Did you searched?)
There was Hair Net in 2.6 included… now on https://github.com/Jandals/HairNet (maybe only 2.8, didn’t used it lately) and

or even:


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Hair Tool does seem to have real time preview which is nice. I’ll fall back to this option if there is nothing else. I was just hoping for some way not reliant to addons

Particle Instance modifier is displayed in Particle Edit mode, but it neither scales instance objects based on hair path length, neither rotates around said path

Still, getting somewhere if I’ll work around those quirks

Well, I guess I’ll have to settle with the addon(