[solved] Static object animation

Hi all

Im having problems dooing some in game animations !!

I can animate things when i use bones, but cant you animate an object without bones ?

Say i have an old Mill that turns and turns…i made a rotation animation, but i cant make it play in the game i tryed logic bricks that would play from frame 1 to x, but nope !!

Anyone ??

use ipo actuator

i doo…nothing happens !!!

this is a simple eksample:

Look at the blend file !!

The cube has a simple rotation animation back and forth (40 frames)

I set up the Ipo in the bricks…

but nothing happens !!!

ups: the file !!


animation.blend (128 KB)

I got it to work by removing the IPO from inclusion in the Action Editor. Go to the IPO window and un-shilouette the little drowning man.

YES !!!

Thank you !!! Used hours to figure this out !!! You are the man !!!