[/solved]Tanis, the anthropomorphic dragon


My name is Phillippi2
I am looking to have a cartoon styled character designed and modeled. She is an anthropomorphic dragon named Tanis. The design reference we will share is Not Safe for Work (NSFW). It will be shared in PM. Tanis will be an NSFW character, as well.

As I said before, Tanis is an anthropomorphic dragon. She is incredibly muscular and strong, a little hot-headed, loves doing physical work and is a very loyal friend. Tanis loves to fight. But, due to her muscularity, rarely needs to do so.

About the project:

Tanis will be open source. The project will be done in four stages; design sheet, modeling, texturing/shader and rigging. Each state will be due in two weeks.

I am an individual, looking to do some art. You can see some of my previous work here:

I am looking for someone who has a little experience and is knowledgeable of human anatomy.

Tanis will have a polygon budget of thirty thousand quads.

The budget is one hundred seventy five dollars due every two weeks, until the project is finished

I appreciate your interest.

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