SOLVED: Texture painting - cycles

I am just starting to learn texture painting and find one slow-down but I am hoping there is a way to speed it up:

I have a working 3D window, an image editor window, a node editor window, and a preview render 3D window. The preview window won’t update unless I save the image in the image editor and then reload it in the node editor. Is there a way to automate this process so the preview window updates while I paint?

Thanks for any clues

It seems working fine for me. Could you share a problematic .blend file?

Thanks, I created a simple file with a cube and set everything up for texture painting and now nothing is working. It won’t paint at all. I would be very grateful if you could find whatever I am missing.TEXTURE PAINT TEST.blend (627.7 KB)

I found the problem: I was failing to export the UV layout and failing to “Add a Texture Slot”