[Solved] Tutorial Help 3D Cursor

I am having difficulty with the arm pit step. I can’t get the 3D cursor to remain between the hips while I adjust the arm pits. Problem area of tutorail below: Any suggestions?

I’m not sure what is the problem so:

  • to move cursor to selection hit Shift-S>CursorToSelection ( you may know that )
  • if 3Dcursor jumps to other position with no reason, you are probably in local mode ( you see edited mesh while other objects are hidden) so hit ’ / ’ on numpad to go out of local mode - in B2.49 there is a bug which causes cursor reset in local mode.

If it doesn’t help, put more description.

Thanks for the reply!!
I think it is a picture error in the tutorial. I just went ahead and did the arm pits even though the cursor moved up to that area. I don’t think/know of a way to edit that area w/o the 3d cursor moving to the area of the edit.

Some explanation : 3DCursor is that white-red circle on picture - you can move it wherever in 3d space - just helper point you can move/scale/rotate objects around;
Manipulator is that red-green-blue thing ( colours represent x/y/z axes ) which help you to manipulate objects in 3d space.
Picture above just shows you that after selecting Pivot point to 3DCursor , Manipulator stays sticky to 3DCursor and whatever you select Manipulator doesn’t jump to selection.

I can’t get the 3D cursor to remain between the hips while I adjust the arm pits.

I assume you mixed up 3DCursor with Manipulator and overlooked setting Pivot to 3DCursor and that’s why Manipulator jumps to selection.
Hope it helps you. Read carefully and ask questions if you feel lost.

Yes, I confused the 3D cursor and the Manipulator. Thanks
It kept moving on me and I wasn’t able to make it stay put.
Again, Thank You @jawra