solved! -[UPDATED]-

I solved my first Rubik’s cube today, so I give you…“solved!”

I took me about 2 or 3 hours total (no, solving the cube only took me 30 minutes or so…:p) Modelling is subsurface with 3 array modifiers. Rendered internal with AO.
What do you think? C&C welcome and appreciated…


  • Added DoF
  • Fixed floor reflection so it’s not so blurry
  • Changed floor wood mapping for a better effect
  • Changed the booklet a bit
  • And rendered it a loooot bigger:eek:C&C Apreciated and Requested.:smiley:

Woah…no replies in 3 hours…does it suck that bad? I thought it was rather acceptable…

I’m posting because I’m a fellow solver, which you know.

Looks good, but the silver looks… Silver. Its just white on mine.

But, I know they sell them with silver, so in that case, it looks great!

Yeah, the silver is only on the 25 Year Aniversary edition, which I solved 4 times today. The first one I solved was the classic from 1982. It was my dad’s. Do you notice anything else about the pic? Anything unrealistic? I’m sure you’re still seeing that darn cube every time you close your eyes like me. = )

P.S. Midnight! I’m 15!!! Woohoo!!! DRIVERS PERMIT!

Pixilated background reflection on the wood.

Also, I solved the original old one, and it was my dad’s also!

That’s kind of freaky…

Before you solved it, had you taken it completely apart and put it back together again solved, just for the fun of it?

I don’t think it’s pixelated, I think it’s just the .hdr image I used…I’ll render it bigger and see.

And no, but I did that one day in utter frustration. Then I learned the way of the algorithms…may the math be with you…

P.S. BTW my last P.S. meant that it’s my birthday now that it’s 12:00AM

I know, I’m just trying to stay on topic.

Happy Birthday! Maybe you’ll get the Square One… Today! Or on Christmas…

Happy Birthday! I like the picture though I’ve never been able to solve the $%&§$ cube.

is it possible to rig a rubiks cube so it works like a real rubiks cube? That is a challenge :wink:
happy birthday

I was really going for photorealism. Did I succeed, slmost get it, or fail miserably??

Great job but the instruction manual looks…flat, i mean it should be raised and bent a little like a book.
just my idea.
are you in Georgia? because i think that is the only state that let’s you get a permit at fifteen.
i lived in Georgia, when i turned fifteen. Advice: some old man that was at the DMV asked me whether i had a girlfriend, i said no, he said, good you don’t need one yet,
also he said don’t drive to fast (basic yet very wise).
I hope you don’t mind me giving advice, but it might help you in the long run.

It is flat, Its just a little fold-up booklet that came with the cube.

and no, I live in Alabama

Well, model the folds then!

What would really help this render is some DOF… I strongly encourage you to add it…

But even know, it’s quite good. :slight_smile:

tynach: i did model them

blenditall: For some reason, everytime I set up my own DoF node setup, It just doesn’t work. It won’t render the zBuffer. I don’t know why, but its a major PITA…

It may be my color blindness kicking in on me here, but i think the color on the top and the left side are the same? Aren’t they all supposed to be different colors?

But i like it anyway :smiley:




That kind of red and yellow mix on the top is called orange…and the blue and yellow mix is called…green…It’s on the left…


wow squiggly, wow…

hey, i said i was colorblind!! :stuck_out_tongue:

no really, i’m colorblind…

It’s still purdy…

It’s very nice. One thing I noticed: If you look directly above the corner of the box farthest away from you, you can see some weird pixelated thing up there.
Besides that, it all looks good. Great job!