[SOLVED] VSE .mts import in 2.49 OK , not in 2.5

I am exploring development version 2.5.2 (linux). Using the VSE of version 2.49 I can see my AVCHD files (.MTS) and import them. With version 2.5 I do not see these files.
Any idea why ?

Untick the filter button in 2.5’s file browser. Annoyingly it’s on by default and also that .mts, .m2v, and a number of other movie formats are not listed in 2.5 as movie files.

I did bug report this about 4 months ago but nothings ever come of it.

Once again thank you yellow. It is ok after disabling the filter button you mention.

cotcot, you’re welcome.

I’ve added a bug report to see if .mts, .m2t and .m2v can be added as movie formats, I have exact same problem with mpeg2 .m2t’s :wink: