Some advices for my first work

Hello everyone,

I’m new with Blender Game Engine (to tell the true, i don’t know aything about it) , i’ve version 2.49 and i would like to use it for a personnal work.

I’ve made a 3D candy place with 3dSmax,with candies like trees and co., and i would like to:

-When i click on a candy, it show me a window with the recipe to make the candy. And when i click on the window, it closes.
-Put a little radio set on the interaction bar which we can play musics and stop its.

Is it easy to make it for a beginner like me or not?

Thanks for help.

This is going to be as easy on you as you make it, once you get the hang of of some of the Blender’s basic principles, like the f-curves, text, and sensors. It will work. I’d go for 2.57 rather then 2.49, due to a very important reason, which was mentioned by someone on these forums few days ago, “you know,
it’s got the new car smell” :smiley:
Look around the forums and youtube, i’m sure you’ll find all you need. Also once you get your head around the logic bricks, trust me that your own brain’s logic can make them work in any way, a little trial and error and you’ll be there in no time.

Allright, i’ve watched some tutorials and i begin to know a little Blender.

I’ve tried the logics bricks but after some experiences, i can’t use interaction mouse. Each time i enter in “Game mode” §, my mouse is invisible.

So, how can i use my mouse to select objets in Game mode?


Select objects in game mode? If you;re thinking what i’m thinking then it’s not as straight forward as that :smiley:
To make the mouse visible, the easiest way is first make sure at the top, you have BLENDER GAME, and not BLENDER RENDER.
Then in the properties, under display, check “Mouse Cursor”.


I put some music and i would like to use keyboard to play them.

But, is it possible to stop them when i use a key?
Like i play X when i use Num 1 and I stop it when i touch 0?

EDIT: And pass a camera to an other camera is it possible?

  • for sound check out the sound actuator

  • to change camera look at the scene actuator