Some armature problems on a simple mesh

This is the mesh, with the names of the bones.
Right now the parent/child relationship is like this ( -> meaning ‘is a parent of’)
Pelvis -> LoBack -> UpBack -> Neck -> Head
Pelvis -> Hip.L -> UpLeg.L -> LoLeg.L
Pelvis -> Hip.R -> UpLeg.R -> LoLeg.R
UpBack -> Shoulder.L -> UpArm.L -> LoArm.L -> Hand.L
UpBack -> Shoulder.R -> UpArm.R -> LoArm.R -> Hand.R

I seem to be having some problems with his bones, whenever i grab any part of the arm, the entire body moves. I guess it’s because of one of the parent relationships, but I’m not sure which one to change. The legs work like they are supposed to. grabbing the foot for example makes all the bones up to the pelvis move, but not the pelvis itself or any of the bones in the back.

If I take the neck and give it no parent instead of UpBack, moving the arms still makes the rest of the body move (except for the neck/head). I’m not sure what i did wrong, but I think it’s one of the parent relationships because I had an earlier rigging of a simpler model and it worked fine, although it did have less bones.

Here’s the .blend file rared up
if that link doesn’t work:

Your IK Constraint has 0 Chainlength, so the chain goes all the way to the Pelvis bone (or whatever). In the Constraint tab, next to ‘Use Tip’ change the length to 4; the dotted orange line goes to the first Shoulder bone.


sweet, that fixed it, thanks.

guess the ‘automatic IK’ button isn’t supposed to be used for the whole rigging. Now, just have to get these limits on the rotation right so he stops bending his limbs backwards. :stuck_out_tongue: thanks again