Some Blender Love

Hi. I love Blender specially its Sculpting Tools and also the new Rendering Engine called CYCLES. Here are 1 hour sketches that i did. These images are renders from the interactive viewport that i screengrabbed and edited in Photoshop. I also included some timalapse vids of these two sculpts. :slight_smile:

Incredible, it amazes me how some people can do this, wish I could :frowning: Do you use a tablet or mouse? and just to let you know you can render with cycles same as blender, just need to change the number of passes to something like 500 for noise-less results :slight_smile:

Fantastic work, I aspire to develop sculpting skills on a level such as your own; I also hope to view more excellent work similar to the above soon.

Hi. Thanks. Anyone can do this with patience and consistent practice. You just have to know beforehand what you want to sculpt before you start anything.You can try a little bit of simulation in your mind if you want before diving in it.
I use an Intuos Tablet and thanks for the render tip. :slight_smile:

Thank you KeyFinder :slight_smile: . Actually my sculpting level is not yet there. Im still learning and finding new things both in sculpting and Blender Stuffs. Dont worry i will never stop posting my upcoming works here in this amazing community. Kudos to this community and to all Blender developers for all of the hard work. Im really blown away by CYCLES even its still in development and i see that Blender has a very bright future. :slight_smile:

awesome sculpts! I really like the minotaur :smiley:

Great sculpting! Very inspiring :slight_smile:

Hey Jeepster !:slight_smile: Im glad you like it.

Very impressive work, and youโ€™re certainly encouraging me to take up sculpting.