Some Blender quirks

There are a couple of things bothering me about Blender and yes I’ve posted at but responses take so long, it’s almost not worth bothering.

The first and most important thing is about bone rotations around the local axis. Now I made up a file:

The left arm should already be selected with the widget turned on. The widget is set at global so turn it to local and move the red slider. It will go behind the upper arm.

Now do r,x,x and you will see that it does something similar assuming you use 2.37. But now rotate the upper arm round z slightly forwards and do the same thing with the lower arm. You will see that the widget moves in a different direction from the hotkey and they are both wrong.

If any of you have a 2.38 build, you should see that the hotkey works correctly now. But the local widget is still wrong. Turn the widget to normal to see how the local widget should be oriented.

I just thought I’d mention this here because it seems quite an important issue if you are animating objects and finding some odd movements.

And before you ask, there is a bug report already but IMO it still doesn’t seem clear that 2.37 had problems and I think it did. Please correct me if you think I made a mistake. I don’t want to cause a fuss over nothing but I also don’t want people animating with 2.37 if the local axis rotations are wrong.

My second point is perhaps not as important but how do other people feel about the edge and face loop selections being missing from 2.38? Well, not so much missing but they are now made by doing alt-right-click. But there’s no preview and you have to use the appropriate select mode before it works :(.

Hello? Hello? [/echo]

More than 150 people have viewed this and not one reply so I’m guessing one of a few things has happened:

  1. Nobody cares about local rotations
  2. I’ve made a stupid mistake again and you’re all laughing at me
  3. The test file works fine for you and shows that local rotations work as you expect
  4. You are waiting for someone more respected in the community (basse, env, Robertt) to tell you the same information
  5. You are already aware of the problem
  6. Some other reason




Could you elaborate on that? I should probably have said to give the reason if you choose number 6.

Thanks for responding.

  1. “Some other reason” though I forget exactly what.

  2. I’m at sixes and sevens at the moment but one thing reassuring about the Blender community is that when someone feels strongly enough about something (like newbies posting reflective spheres on elysiun) then they will run with it, and without need of my help and support.