Some body needs help for you

Take a look to this

No, Armatures won’t be working for the game engine for this release : sorry. (If you want to have some great engine features try to help, in any capacity : they’re just too few working on it right now.)

I fear from day no game engine in blender

Yeah there’s just too little people working on the gameblender portion. Hehe, erwin’s on it though with the time’s he’s got.

:wink: Everyone should have seen this coming when Ton decided to redo the whole animation system. If you need to use armatures just used a previous release of blender for the time being. The new armature systems still has awhile to mature a bit and it’ll take a little while before it’s 100% workable again for the game engine.

:smiley: But always look on the bright side.
With new things come greater possibilities.

Jason Lin