Some Characters for my Project


I have several projects in mind. It is supposed to be a surprise as original character

This is one of my favorites. I have some expertise in modeling althought I want to prove this character in all aspects, mainly for animation.

This character is a mix of feline and human with serious deformities. First, his deformities aren*t impediment, to the contrary are a plus for his skills.

Oneandhalf character and shapes

A test with sculptris

EDIT> Changing for more feline features. WIP

This character is some sort of cojoined twins perfectly joined…dont judge me its only a fantasy character.

I like your style, but sometimes it feels thing are a little too bizzare, and it makes it hard for the viewer to get their head round it.
maybe for the second one just make some of the tenticle things smaller and it might let the viewer get the shape of the head better (took me a few looks to work out what it was).

good work though :slight_smile:

Update. Well really it*s bizarre…

WIP> Featured in sculptris (prototype).

As you can see this mutant has a middle arm that grab prey as a type of alien predator, also uses it as a second jaw with few teeth and as an extra limb with 2 fingers for run in 5 legs. there are not tentacles.

A reference for this character. It*s supposed to got 3 brain hemispheres, three eyes (middle is special), one single mouth, two directional noses.

Prototype number 2

Prototype 2> middle arm more proportionated with a rudimentary hand (two thumbs) and in the top of this hand 2 sharp canine. I don*t want to start with fur so you have to be patience.

A detail of this model…still WIP phase alpha…now with strange lobes in ears, 4 canine teeth in top jaw and others 4 in lower jaw. Located canines below lower jaw.

I*m still in prototype stage

an update for neck and I compressed a bit the face.

My old thread, he he

Some progress with this character, some concepts are needed because this character i’ve created from scratch and i’m just being fantasist.

geez!!!, my english remains the same i haven’t time to study it so i can’t participate on the forums too much, thought i would want it.

Oh almost forgot, this character…for me is beautiful but for some blender people she’s ugly, but i’ve tried the beauty mask over her, and fits perfectly,… why, whyyyyy some can’t see her beauty?, Why EMO???