Some Chess

Just something I started doing to teach my wife a little bit of blender, she asked what i do all the time on the pc etc, so i decided to show her.

But I took it from being a simple pawn tutorial, to something abit more ‘serious’ if you will…

this scene took 8mins to render :x . And when im done I hope to make a small tutorial for noobs, since that was the whole goal in the first place…at any rate here is my progress…

a rook and bishop have been modeled since this picture, along with a chess board that has a boarder and a generic table top, but the scene lighting hasnt changed…


well update before i go to bed…almost done, ;), gonna try to put a older style table, and a carry along chess box, for the scene(s).

the 5 pieces took 9mins exactly, and the full blown board, took 15mins…

obviously there are two glass colors and a white marble taken from the texture cd, adjusted very little, although i will be adjusting it further for better pieces.

also to add is a black marble, then a red and black wood material for the pieces. so in total, 3 full sets, with 2 materials per set. Maybe a clear and black glass will make it in but we will see…

hopefully if people like i will make a video tutorial for the pieces, since i hate typing stuff out like that, go figure.

oh and anyone wondering the poly count? not quite sure but, after the subserfing, the total scene

fa: 215,959

so yes close up shots look extremely good imo.


increase ‘filt’ value (near thr ray transp button) to maximum and get rid of the frensel.