Some environment drawings

I’ve never really drewn much, but i felt like drawing one day and in a couple of days i drew allot and here it is!

Rever really drewn much, but i felt like drawing one day and in a couple of days i drew allot and here it is!

Remember i’m totally new to this, constructive critique would be nice, but be nice! : D

I do not see an image…why?

nice pics i like the style of that twisty building

no other replies…? Hmmmpfh…

I dont get replies sometimes it sucks…but what can you do…
You can Hmmphhh the day away
from experience

I think all three of us are in the same boat with drawing skills and wanting replies… so lets support each other!

Disclaimer: If you can’t handle me dismantling your work in a critical manner, don’t read this. I assure you it is all done in the best of intention, but I’m going to let it come out in a kind of steam of thought way, so it might get a little blunt.

  1. two things that bug me, first, I have no idea what that thing in the street is, looks to big to be a manhole, and it doesn’t make sense for it to be a Persian rug… sorry, it just needs some clarification. Second, the windows don’t seem to match the themes, I like the sort of scifi meets fantasy you have going with the doors and deco, but the windows are bringing in a kind of cartoon house look that seems to clash, my sugestion would be to drop at least one of the three themes is seems to have going on.

  2. nice, looks like you had a lot of fun with the detials on this, only thing is that overall composition is kinda blah with it centered like that and nothing around it.

  3. this one suffers mostly becase of lack of corhirent perspective, which seems to be my biggist problem too. can’t tell you how to fix that, or I’d have fixed it myself.

  4. You like these down the street things don’t you. the perspective on the closer buildings is great in this one, and the background ones arn’t bad eather. just a guess but is this one the newest? the line quality is looking better as well, just zoomed the image, wow thats a pretty high res pic you got going. anways, the smoke stack thing is cool, a little abstract by comparison to the rest of the picture for my personal tasts, but I like the almost Dr. Suse sense it gives me, while still being distincly diferent from him.

so yeah, hope that wasn’t too harsh, and as a warning, I’m a noob as well, so take what I say cautiosly, I could be totaly off.

Well if you want comments, attach your images in your post, I was pretty close to walking away
Don’t whine about a lack of comments, its not like a lot of stuff is posted in this section of the forum, so your post isn’t going to the second page, or even halfway down for that matter

So for criticism, I’d like to see you use a ruler, or work on your lines some more
i think all of these have potential, try colouring them, or some shading, even some sloppy shading would be nice, and most of all, have fun!

Not to harse at all, Atemporalskill. Your comments were pretty much all true : ) I don’t think there’s anything wrong with mixing several styles in one image. Thanks for all the feedback!

I have no problem with mixing styles ether, but when elements of those style changes start to clash I think it is a good idea to toy with it till it matches better, which usually means changing the theme a bit on one or more items. Now that I think about it, mixing existing styles is kinda the starting point to coming up with a new style, so in that sense it is the bases of what and artist does.

I whent following your links but somehow, the imageshack managed to crash my browser so I did tried back. You will have better success at getting feedback if you make it easy for others seeing your images. Just attach them in your post.

I particuarly like the tall tower and the way it is layered, image number three was nice and I saw that the boat had wings (or maybe it’s just me) but was that a castle with wings or just the landscape?

You’re new to drawing and seem to have a particular interest in architectural drawing, right?

I suggest you to read about those subjects and practice; try to use instruments for that. It may seem boring but it’s not, and you’ll learn a lot.

There’s an artist that I like very much for his architectural artwork: Giovanni Battista Piranesi.

Finally, draw from life and when you get comfortable, twist it as you like.