Some Facelifting ;-) with GIMP v1.3 !

Hello everyone,

I will show you a picture made with GIMP:


Hope you like it.

Bye, Olaf.

looks good - is gimp 1.3 now in a usable state?
when i last tested it, it crashed all the time i worked with paths … and i had to do a job with paths :wink:

Crashes here also… User filters STILL do not work !!!

did you draw the curves in gimp too?


Ok, I’ve got to ask, I had no idea that sort of thing was possible with Gimp.

What are those techniques called so I can google for them?


Thats not gimp, i saw a tutorial for that SAME image in a Photoshop magazine, the curves are pictures of architectural parts of buildings nd stuff, the autor too with his digital camera…

so what are you saying…? He didnt make this or what?

cool, (says to chick 'wuts up, hows it goin? you kno, you have beautiful eyes, wow, that is a beautiful dress, wanna screw? haha (american pie 2))


very cool though