Some Forum Game

Well, since I don’t seem to have anything better to do right now, I thought I might try to invent some sort of forum game to slightly entertain myself and possibly anyone reading this. So, here’s how it works:

I start the game off with AA. I have to think of a term in blender that fits with that abbreviation (in this case, I’ll do Anti-Aliasing). The next person does AB, then the next does AC, and so on, and so on. Of course, once you finish AZ, you go to BA next, etc. :yes:

You can attempt to manipulate or twist the way the abbreviation fits the word if you can’t think of anything else (i.e., SC = specularity), but try to avoid that if possible.

We should get some pretty interesting results in some areas, especially if this little game ever gets to XX or ZZ :smiley:

So like I said, here’s mine:

AA = Anti-Aliasing

AB = Ambient occlusion Bake

AC = align camera (ctrl+alt+numpad 0)

AD = Apply Deformation.

edit: thanks to GraphiX, i now have a better one:

AE=Action Editor

*or action editor
AF = Align Free

AG Assign group

AH= Alternate Hotkeys

AI- Add Image

AJ - add a joint [armature]

AH-Assign hotkey

Searched for probable 20 minutes
AK = Automerge Keyframes.

AL = Add Lamp

AM = Add Modifier

AN = Add Node

AO= Ambient Occlusion (Ctrl Atl B, 2)

AO= ambient occlusions

AP - animation > play

AR = Apply rotation

AS- Apply Scale