Some free CC-BY HDRIs

Just realized I forgot to post here :slight_smile:

Last week I published a pack of 5 free 2048x1024 HDRIs here:

They were made specifically for one-click lighting in Cycles - and in fact I actually used Blender to help make these when commercial software couldn’t cut the mustard.

If the free 2k versions aren’t high-res enough for you, you can buy 16k versions for $0.79 each on the Blender Market.

Both the free and paid versions are CC-BY, meaning you’re free to use and modify them for any purpose, and even share them with friends if you like :slight_smile:

Hey greg… Great HDRI… just playing around “Bergen” and the lighting looks great! Especially the variation between light and shadow is very good. Would be really interested how you create those HDRI images. :slight_smile:

It would be so awesome if the photosphere function from googles android photo app would support hdri. Equirectengular maps can be easily created, but unfortunatelly only as jpges.

Thanks man :slight_smile:
A while ago I wrote a sort of tutorial for making HDRIs while I was learning myself:

I wish yeah. I’m sure some day that’ll be possible, just a matter of time :slight_smile: