some girl pic.



nice stuff ! i just love your modeling style(especially the angel wings)

glad to see another yafray user also ;]

Veery lovely style, I like them. Could you post a bit larger pics of that girl and that dragon skeleton models?

I really love the clay like renders, brings a lot of style to your models. Wall Paper sized would really be nice ^_-

Great style dude :smiley:
Yeah, wallpaper size would be nice :wink:

Wooohaaaa! These images are great!!! we need new wallpapers!!! :wink:

:smiley: ,big sizes


Ah, thank you. The details on those are really nice, so it was a bit shame, that you posted those tiny pics before these. I really dig that dragon skeleton. Well okay, I like the girl too. :smiley:

Hehe, wow man, that’s awsome. I love your style! Glad to see some bigger versions further in the topic :).

Again, awsome work mate, congrats.

Your poseing is very good!


Wow! That’s very cool. Say, you would happen to have one of her at the beach? :smiley:

wow very interesting. love the poop angel!

Congrats top stuff =D