Some help for my first model

I have created topic like that before( previous topic ), and people gave me a lot of useful advices(thanks to all of them). To be short, I have decided to create my game in Unity, and I need my own unlicensed car models, so I took Audi S5 as reference and added some my imagination(Also, it’s my first 3D modelling ever)

. The model is still in progress, many things haven’t been done yet. My first question is for people who has experience in car modelling, what have I done wrong? What should I change.
Another question is what can I do with my headlights? When I use subdivision it has some edges which I would like to get rid of.

And the last question is how can I create something like a grill for my front bumper? I like the idea of using honeycombs, but idk how can I connect one mesh with another?(Here are places where I need to create something like a “honeycomb” looking grills)

Nice start mate!
For my vehicles I always follow a rule of thumb: if it is a separate object in real life, make it so in 3D. Meaning that any panels like doors, fenders, etc should be individual objects. This also helps keep the geometry much more manageable, like adding supporting edge loops only where they are really needed, without messing the rest of the mesh.

Also, avoid stretching quads to much, this will mess up reflections. I see that you have some big quads that are warped, like in the rear-right corner screenshot, that will pretty much mess up your reflections in the end. I say this is OK if you are going for a low-poly look but otherwise it’s worth fixing.

To give some extra realism, add some thickness to each panel (ex.: a little edge going inwards), like so:

I would avoid creasing, specially if you want to use this in a game engine, since it doesn’t work like it should on may scenarios. Add supporting loops to make edges sharper instead:

As for grills, as I said before, keep them as separate objects. I usually go for a very simple diamond or square shape, just by dividing a plane several times, insetting faces and deleting the inner faces. Then it’s just a matter of deforming it, using a lattice or Shrinkwrap modifier.

I hope this helps a bit!

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Here is one way to make a grill…

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