some help on deforming elbows and shoulder please?i

im working on a character rig and i get really bad deformation on the shoulder. also on the elbows and wrist. for instance when i rotate the elbows and wrist, is seem like the assigned vertices scale down…anyways here’s an example of what im getting, and i tried searching and can’t fine a decent answer to fix this. it’s my first character.

1: good modeling
2: good joint positioning
2: weight painting [probably most important here]

it is probably a lot easier to demonstrate on elbows, and in another app [where you can see the weight painting of several groups at once]

as I am lazy, I’m merely going to give you a link to the docs on weight painting

… or not

what he said. Also, you’re going to need a series of edgeloops around each joint since armatures affect the vertices. It cant deform the model without verts to act on.

In addition… It looks like you’ve got verticies that should belong to the upper torso assigned to the upper arm. Try adding more bones for the upper and lower torso. The offending verticies should be grouped to the upper arm and upper torso bone. That should help reduce the deformation.