Some Help with File Size

Hi. I’ve been using Blender for nearly eight years now. I seem to keep having this problem whenever I really get into modelling. There is a certain point where the file gets so large that it runs slowly on my computer. I check the size and it’s over 200 mb.

I know how to use the Compress File feature (I’m using an older version on a work computer). But I wanted to know if there’s another way to bring down file size or make it run smoother. I tried to attach a file, but it didn’t work (probably too large).

Thanks for any help.

Well, you can check to see if some objects are more dense than they need to be. You can check to see if you have lots of images that are unused but marked as fake users. You can make sure that after a certain size you turn off autosaving, as that can really bog down your computer with big files. Best practice would be to split scenes into separate files for individual objects and dynamically link them into a main scene file rather than storing them all in one big file. If you’re working on a single mesh that weighs in at over 200mb, you’re probably doing something wrong unless there is a ton of simulation data stored in the .blend, in which case you may want to just bake to an external cache. Also, any identical objects you have you should link their object data which will cause them to be loaded as instances.

Thanks greatly. I’ll look into some of this.

The file I was trying to attach was a warehouse model with tons of similar objects on shelves (i. e. hundreds of bars of gold and stuff). If you would, would you mind explaining a bit about how to do the stuff you’re describing.

I’ve worked in Blender for a long time, but I’ve never had to manage file sizes until I started some major ambitious projects. It’s just time for me to grow beyond a simple animator. Thanks for your help.