Some image texture Meterials Emitting in 2.8 (bug or what)

Hello. I’ve encountered some problems while texturing whereby image texture are emissive and its unintentional.
Anyone with similar problem? I need help.

That might happen if you use colors brighter than white.
The light that a surface reflects is multiplied by its color, and unclamped colors can reflect more light than the amount of light that hits the surface.

So how could i possibly fix this please?

It depends a bit on what you have… simplest solution is to clamp your colors (for example: using a MixRGB, with clamp option on, and a neutral operation (add/subtract black, or multiply by white, etc).
This doesn’t mean it’s the right answer, as we still don’t know what you’re doing.
Remember that clamping high values will just leave them totally white, which still is an unrealistic value for a texture; so scaling the values down might also be a possible workaround.

Thanks alot. I’ll try the above suggestions.