Some items

(Jolly Gnome) #1

This is still sort of a work in process (well, I just wanted to model some of the items I have), but I decided to put it up here (it’s about 34kb big):

Tell me what you think…[/img]

(PILER) #2

thats nice, the only thing i think needs work is the razor on the razorblade pen

how did you make the rigidy parts on that metal…is it just a bump map?

nice work man keep it up =)

btw i love the texturing on the painbrush… very realistic

(belac) #3

nice! the knife blade needs to be a little more shiny so that it stands out from the rest of the knife. very realistic! looks exactly like the Xacto set i use at work!


“i dream in mesh”

(blengine) #4

wow really realistic… thats a pretty good scene… i like the bump texture(?) u used on the handles… can i ask how? thats a good nor map if just a texture

(rixtr66) #5

very well done! i like the fine details,the blade edge needs more shiny.
damn nice work!!

two rixtr one finger salutes for you :wink:


(Bapsis) #6

Nice work man, agree with rixtr about the shineyness of the blade but i wouldnt give you a one finger salute about it, honest. :wink: Keep up the good work man, its looking quite real.


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(Jolly Gnome) #7

Thanks for the comments fellow Blenderers :slight_smile:
The rigidy parts are just bumpmaps, same in all of the cases (it’s a really simple bm: just diamond shapes in sort of a net).
I’m happy with the paintbrush too, I was surprised how good it came, since I used just the procedural textures from Blender (wood/ring noise for the handle, for the metallic socket and really deep stucci/wall in bm for the brush… the whole brush is just three tube subsurfs…


(basse) #8

very realistic yes… I wouldn’t make the blade too shiny, in fact, I wouldn’t change it at all… some of the blades on those things are matte coloured, like the one I have…

great looking pen by the way… what kind of stuff you draw…?


(Jolly Gnome) #9

Thanks B :slight_smile:
The blade on my knife is also quite matte, but the actual sharp part is quite shiny, so I’ll have to work something on that…
Pen?? You must mean the drill :slight_smile:
It’s a pen-drill, one that you roll between your fingers to drill a hole, I use it quite a lot, because I also do plastic/metalmodelling (miniatures… little tins soldiers :wink:


(Pooba) #10

Really nice! It looks so realistic, you did a good job on that.
The blade does need to look a lot more shiny though.


(dreamsgate) #11

that is amazing, way to go.

(wewa_juicyb) #12

maybe you should think about making some docter utenciles next (damnit I can’t spell!)…

(Jolly Gnome) #13

That sounds a great idea >:)
heehee… some nasty blades and things… heehee >:D

(bogbean) #14

That sounds a great idea >:)
heehee… some nasty blades and things… heehee >:D[/quote]

Or how about some dental equipment, they’re even nastier - put some bits of dried blood on them.

(S68) #15

Really nice,

you should add the envmap to everything and keep it very low on wood, somewhat higher on alluminium handles and very high on chrome, blade definitely needs its envmap!


(Jolly Gnome) #16

The drill is actually fully envmapped, and there are no chrome parts, just very dull aluminum on the blade handle…
I tried to add envmap to the blade itself, but I couldn’t get it come up fine. Can you suggest anything?


(S68) #17

Envmapping flat object is difficult. You should load an image with black and wite and grey parts almost random and use it as an IMAGE texture (NOT ENVMAP!) but with the ‘Refl’ channel active,

A slight bumpmap of stucci on the blade would fake uneveness and allow the envmap to be appreciated


(Jolly Gnome) #18

Ahh, Thanks fellow, I’ll try that
(btw… you did mean that use an image with random shapes of black/white/grey, didn’t you?)

(S68) #19

I use this

when in need


(Jolly Gnome) #20

Thanks! That’s a good one :slight_smile:
and now, for the updated picture: