Some kind of 2008 new year's image... WIP

Well, I decided first to take a picture of my idea, “in real life”, but it didn’t work well.
So I went on Blender.
The idea is shown below :
Draft Image
I started modelling the walls and floor and the socket, and put the lightning on. And AO too.
then I did the cable.
Image2 and Image3
And the lamp.
I took pictures of the walls and floor of my living room and I UVed them on the model.
and here I am actually :
What do you think of it ? Any suggestions ?

In the last pic my eyes immediately went to where the socket is, To me it looks like the socket is coming out of the wall on an angle. Maybe its the shadows. Then again, Im a total newb at this program, so what do I know? LOL

Yeah I see what you mean. I didn’t noticed it, it is surely because of the wide-angle camera used (i’m using a 22mm “lens” in this last picture).
thank you, i’ll try to fix it by going toward the 35mm and changing point of view =)

Personally, I think the cord is sticking out really far out of the wall before it drops, but maybe the electric cords in Missouri are just lazy. It might just be the angle of the light that makes the shadow look like it has a lot of depth. And, did you want the light coming out of the back of your lamp? If you keep that, you should do a light halo out the back and put it at an angle to where you get both splashes of light, unless you were going to add something that the light was illuminating?

Just wondering, how’d you do the cord?

Nice, makes me want to do a few more mainstream (practical) pieces.

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Iconoclast> You’re right about the cable, it comes too far out of the wall. I’ll try to fix it too. For the lamp I’ll try something =)
I made the cable with two bezier circles bevelled on a path (waaaay much easier to control for cable modelling than a bezier curve, imo)
And I just checked, in france too electric cables are lazy =p

Hundred> thanks =)

I think it looks really nice and is a really nice idea as well.
Personally I think you should add some kind of “new years items” like maybe a glass of champagne and some confetti or so to spice up the whole picture a bit.


Thanks MasterDomino. I was going to do so, and I have actually started the bottle of champagne modelling. I’m just worrying about the materials =p
Here it goes for the whole picture improvements(without new years item since I just started modelling them). What do you think ?

Its looking very nice!

I my opinion, it would look better, if the cord dropped to the floor, and then the two was on the floor with the others, about the same size,
I don’t know if you’ve tried this or thought about it, but just my 2cents,

I also agree that “New Years”-y stuff will improve it alot!


Thanks Marslyr. I’ve tried it in the beginning, while modelling the cord, but it wasn’t so good, so I kept my first Idea of the “two” shaped in the drop of the cord. But thanks anyway =)
I’ve finished (?) for the bottle of champagne (I worked it this morning cause I was busy yesterday… ps: it’s 12am here)
Here it is. Any suggestions ?
I’m now starting to model the glass, and other stuff. =)
For informations: the render takes 8 minutes on my laptop with Intel Centrino Duo 2ghz, 2gb of ram and 512mb of video (nvidia). The scene has 200000 vertices, without the cord since it’s made from bezier curves.

edit: I’ve not finished the bottle, it miss the paper on the neck of the bottle. I’ll also add the cork laying on the ground.

some more improvements. I have since this render added a texture for the foam and I’m actually arguing with particle rendering for the tiny bubbles that comes up inside the glass.

C&C welcome !


Looks nice.
But I think the glass is too small. Especially when you compare it to the lamp, but also comparing it to the bottle. Maybe even the bottle itself should be bigger.

Not sure, how easy it would be to set up particles (since I am not very experienced with particles), but if you know how to work with them, I would definitively try it.


Maybe you should try meta-balls. Of course, I’m a total noob, so that probably won’t work.

Well, thanks to Dupliverts and Particles, I made the bubbles. I also upsized the group bottle-cork-glass, and then the glass alone again.
I’m now working on something else. Little stuff like on this picture. What do you think ? I’m affraid it would be “too much”.
Anyway, here is the actual render.


Don’t you think the foam make it look like a glass of beer ?

I also would add this “confetti stuff”, if I were you, I don’t think it is getting “too much”.
With the foam I’m not sure. Maybe make the whole layer a bit thinner. But I guess nobody would think it is beer. At least it was pretty clear to me that it wasn’t.


Looking good :slight_smile:

The foam does look a bit dense though… maybe adding a bit of transparency to it would help it to look like the less heavy head on champagne? Beer bubbles tend to be small and densely packed, champagne larger and less dense… I’m a noob at Blender, but have a fair bit of experience with beverages :eyebrowlift: