Some motion graphic works

I’m doing with Blender what i was doing years ago with AfterEffects, it was interesting the learning curve and thinking the process differently, but i’m happy with the results. There are not so complicated pieces, but i can say that i’m no longer miss that program :smiley:

Dear people, hope you like it.

Very nice work, I like your timing and smooth motion where needed.

Really nice. I particularly like the second one.

Cool to see some motion graphic work.

These are all great. Designs all look smooth and balanced.

Nice. “universidad de Morón” made me smile though. :slight_smile:

Very nice stuff and in Blender no less, I’m still on the bandwagon of doing my motion work in AE and exporting 3D from Blender to AE and compositing it. Would be very interested to hear about some of your workflow methods and pitfalls/problem solving you had to do with moving completely into Blender for Motion Graphics.

whoa, thanks for all your kind words!

@craig: thanks, i like to put some subtle animation, that makes the difference. But not always have the time or worth the pay :wink:

@kettlefish & gazda: thanks!

@JoolsMcFly: marvels of language!!! :smiley: now i’m laughing!

@blendswap: i’m really proud of the learning curve to motion graphics in blender. I was doing things as you three years ago. Maybe we can start a discussion group or something about Blender Motion Graphics, as someones did with Blender NPR… just ideas to share knowledge. I know other motion graphic talents in blender that maybe can join efforts… what about that? :wink:
Any question, just ask!

@meschoyez, that would be great. I’ve been thinking about starting a blender motion graphics tutorial site for a while now. Would be great to have other users help out since my time is pretty sparse. Or just a place to talk with other motion graphics artist that use Blender to help improve my skills more. Plus I think it’s one area in Blender that is seriously lacking in information. Let me know.

I think that a place to talk about motion graphics with Blender (and Gimp GAP, SlowMo, mypaint, etc) would be really great.
Maybe Atom, Gez and another mographers could talk a little too :wink:

Really nice work meschoyez, I especially like the second piece.

I also think that a place to discuss mograph work would be great - I also use the Blender -> AE workflow.

i still think that AE is a great program, but i’ve decided to go for a full blender pipeline from when i left win to work under an ubuntu environment. So i have to relearn to do thinks that i’ve used to do in AE, but in a different way in blender. I’ve learned a lot about compositing, nodes and some tools and addons for motion graphics.
Now we are three mographers interested in a place top discuss this topic! :smiley:

I’ve always wanted to do motion graphics with blender, I think blender could be the ultimate motion graphics app, but there are so few mograph works done with it…your work is impressive, I love it, congrats. Is it cycles or BI?

by now, i use only BI. I think that blender lacks of some tools to become powerful as, i.e., C4D, but it’s just a matter of time, and of course, collaboration!
I’m not skilled enough with cycles, but i’ll do a few tries soon :wink:
I need more time!!

i experiment a lot in my project Vacui Spacii (, so there is where i find some really useful tips for motion graphics. And i have lot of fun doing what i really like. :wink:

Thanks for your comments!

I showed my father, and he was very impressed - he doesn’t speak any spanish, but was very interested in the second video and wanted to see more :slight_smile:

whoa, thanks! The second work is the ID for a documentary series about the history of La Rioja province, in my country, Argentina.
It’s still in the editing process, so, i think it will become available in the BACUA ( a sort of audiovisual data bank) this year.

You are the man meschoyez! This is awesome! So cool you’ve substituted Blender for After Effects in your post pipeline. Bad@** :slight_smile:

“It’s not my fault!” :smiley:
We encourage you to be part of the initiative of Matthew (Blendswap), a site similar to BlenderNPR for motion graphic artists using blender. :smiley:

Hehe :slight_smile:

I’ve never heard of BlenderNPR, that site looks great. I’m going to get into that one.

Blendswap is great, but what about it is like BlenderNPR? Is there a separate initiative within Blendswap that involves motion graphics? Or you just mean joining the initiative to share models?

That BlenderNPR site is awesome. I can’t wait for Freestyle render engine to hit trunk.

@shibazz, I want to start a website like BlenderNPR that focuses on Motion Graphics for Blender, so I am currently looking for Blender Motion Graphic Artist that would be willing to be authors on the site and write tips, tutorials, etc. This will be a separate project from Blend Swap.