Some nice skateboarding by team Excluded, check it out!

Off topic forums for the win, check out this little trailer me and two friends made yesterday!

check in high quality to avoid eye damage.
Also, squeeky voice warning!

hmm i am going to give this a little bumpity bump before i go to sleep. I won’t bump it again so i clutter the boards.

mate I always wondered why no-one skates fast anymore? I mean…pootling around at a spot is fine, but sometimes you want to watch big tricks done at speed…a la pj ladd.

looks like a funny video though, and I like the sketchy tre flip.

Haha what you say is very true. Good thing though you noticed it is a funny video since we didn’t make it in a very serious manner :wink:
Btw, my mate keeps whining about his sketchy treflip all the time just because it is… sketchy.

Oh, and about pootling around in a spot is kind of what this mini movie is going to be about. We built a sweet little curb this summer which we named Slurt, so Slurt the movie is about Slurt hehe.

One last, have you seen PJ Ladds ultra short part in éSpecial? It is so short but really a sweet part.

one. last. bump.

i promise

My mate made a little response to dan_hin :wink:

It is rather a response to the treflip part, than the Big tricks with speed down gaps.
He wanted to justify the treflip in the trailer he said, he is kind of a perfectionist.

Anyway, enjoy in high quality and no squeeky voices this time: