Some of my Art

here is some of the art i’ve done over the year

Looks great :slight_smile: I love the use of colour and contrast, there are a few areas with a funny perspective but if that’s intentional then no problem.


Thanks, Sorry i meant to upload more, but the mod has to “ok” my thread since im new and i couldnt upload more…


And even more!

Sorry, really its just not letting me do more then 3 pics at a time… last ones ill upload till another day…

wow! i like your exterior scenes with colour… although they aren’t as realistic as your black and white, i prefer the style… it’s as though you’ve omitted exactly the right amount… i’ve started painting recently, but i’m very much a noob and haven’t really tackled the kind of scale you’ve used… awesome stuff man…

Enjoyed seeing these, especially the street scenes and landscapes appealed to me.