Some of my last images

Excellent Artwork!attention to detail is phenomenal.
outstanding work!the subject matter is fine for me i like it.
i have done some work in the past similar to this,i think it was in daz and Reality.
sadly i lost all my files in a crash of crashes.anyway i would love to see more!
err yeah.

Oh my, I sincerely believe it’s giving me the dreaded vapors… oh dear!

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These are very nice stylized characters! You might want to send this portifolio to the gears of war studio. They just released a strategy mobile game with an horrible art style, and since characters on the series are mostly very bulky, a less overrealistic spinoff with your style would be very cool!

lmao that’s an unusual subject, I love it. You show a great skill in posing your characters, it all seems very much in movement (especially the mermen picture). Do you sculpt in t-pose then rig and pose, or is it all sculpted already posed ?

From a technical POV, excellent anatomy, characterisation and expression. Content-wise this is cheekily adult themed woithout being NSFW.

Impressive stuff, best figure work I’ve seen for ages.

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It’s Tom of Finland done by Pixar! :laughing:

Nice work! :+1:


Tutorial please!

yeah but with the political scene these days you gotta be super careful and pc about certain topics, especially if you are an admin, otherwise its…off to the gulag!! :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s no way my work would be happy with something like this on my screen. Regardless the orientation (just throwing that last sentence in for good pc measure)

Thank you. Yes, this is my full time job now, Patreon allows me to earn my life correctly doing my Albron images. :slight_smile:

Ahah, you know, it was a bit the main concept at first… A kind of Pixar for adults…:slight_smile:

Thank you, that’s very kind. Very cool to have a technical approach on my work… That’s usually not what my followers or patrons mention at first. :slight_smile:

I sculpt the face on the basemesh in T pose, then I create the pose. There’s no rig. I’d love to have a super nice muscular rig and be able to animate but I’m not good enough in rigging to do that…
So for now, I sculpt. It’s a more organic feeling and result in my opinion, than a simple rig. But maybe it’s because I’m bettre at sculpting than rigging. :smiley:

I also discovered 3D with Poser and Daz model… But I was a bit frustrated by the content and wanted to create my own stuff. My own models, etc… So I learned Blender and Zbrush. :slight_smile:

Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much

Ahah, I’m not so rich, so you wouldn’t be very rich then… :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

Thanks. I take that as a nice compliment. Love the DA on Street fighter. :smiley:

I don’t now if it’s the gayest you’ve seen… It just gay art yes… With a gay vibes in it or showing two or more guys together, yes… But I’m happy if you see the fun and joy because I love to show that in my images. :slight_smile:

Thank you!!!

I followed the Blenderello tutorial from the Blender fondation to create my basemesh…so I don’t feel entitled to do tutorials with what I’m doing here… :wink: What would you like to know about my work or workflow.

It depends on your work mostly… But technically speaking, there’s no nudity shown…

“There is no nudity”

…I mean, I have just seen a post of an artist being tagged for showing a woman shoulder (Realistic HDR Female), not showing nipples or anything else of that matter… but here we have them slightly spotlighted … and it’s completely not nudity… okay ^^

I’m quite amazed with all these new visual styles coming out of Blender lately!!
@albron, these are very nice works indeed!

Give me more of those merdmaid stuff. Without bubbles though.

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Interesting. Since LGBT is politically promoted at the moment, artists like you get an easy share. Algorithms are favoring this stuff, while alternative art is blocked or demonetized. But I think it’s not the real idea of art and you should consider that.

Huh. Something hurts you?

That statement is an overarching marginalization of this mans artwork.
and it sounds like thinly veiled anti gay really is not welcome.
in my opinion.but im gay so i guess my opinion is biased and therfore null.
i suppose i will have to re do my eagle e-type…

Not intended. It is more about economy, equal chances and the discrimination of certain art, that is less sponsored. I fell victim myself to demonetization.

Explain your angle.

If those were half naked women we wouldn’t be talking in these terms.

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