Some of my works after using blender 2.8 and later for 6 months

Hello friends, i started using Blender about 3 years ago with creating aircraft for the X-Plane flight simulator. About 6 months ago i switched completely to blender as i discovered the new interface xplane2blender 4.0. And i was so fascinated by the new Blender interface and the completely intuitiv work flow that one work after the other flew into my pc :slight_smile: . Here comes my latest work. As i was looking for an inspirating idea i found a pic of an old church ruin. And there it started. I combined it with assets of a café, like the easy chairs and desks and the ice buffet.
I use Blender 2.91 on a windows 10 machine with a AMD board, Ryzon 5 3200 with 40GB RAM and a NVIDIA Geforce 1070 8 GB RAM. Of course critics are wellcome, good advice are the basis of progress. Thank you for watching