some old games finished by me

someone asked me to share my old games, so here they are :stuck_out_tongue:
note all of this games were made back in 2010-2011, using blender 2.49, they DO NOT represent my actual work or knowledge :stuck_out_tongue:

there are hordes of enemy planes coming, and you must protect the skies with your amazing AAgun
its in spanish, but the menu has only 2 options, wich are to exit or play, you should be able to realize that by yourself, if not, google translate is always handy :stuck_out_tongue:
-aim with mouse
-shoot with left mouse button

nameless test:
just a test on particles and some rts aspects, not a big deal, 4 planes spawn on the carrier, they do not respawn, you must kill the enemy ship, and the random floating cube, thats all
-left mouse click over units to select them
-left mouse click(with units selected) to move them

battle 2 players:
thats it, split screen, 2 players, no much more to tell

player 1:(red)
-steer with left and right arrow keys
-speed up/slow down with up and down arrows
-primary shoot with right shift
-secondary shoot with right CTRl

player 2:(blue)
-steer with A and D
-speed up/slow down with W and S
-primary shoot with H
-secondary shoot with J

there is another one called pixel wars-space,a space themed RTS, but this one includes a campaign, and a lot of menus and stuff, and im too lazy to translate it all :stuck_out_tongue:
if you still want it (its in spanish) you can ask me and i will upload it
none of this games is under development anymore, they have outdated scripts(the kind of laggy ones), and i have learned a lot since these were made, but im still very proud of these, they may not be my best games, but these will always be my starting point at blender game engine, and i wanted to share it with you :3
anyway, enjoy!
all the games come in a single .rar file(23mb)

if you find any mising texture bugs or anything feel free to say it

Oh, no. A .rar. My world has ended. :โ€™|

link doesnโ€™t work :confused:

i dont know if that is sarcasm lol

try again, it works for me

Error is:

The file you requested has been blocked for a violation of our Terms of Service.

Iโ€™d reccomend putting them up onbgame.

wow mediafire fails, it is working for me o.O

nah, these are minigames, i just uploaded them for you to see my past work, but i will not put them in Bgame

try this one`s%20old%20games.rar

you should make an arcade game pack.