Some Open Source Gurus Suck!

I dont know why but some open source gurus suck big time! Now the guys like Linus Torvalds and Ton have great personalities, here is an example of a person I feel sorry about:

Eric S. Raymond (yeah thats the author of Cathdral & Bazaar) was recently sent an email from a email address offering him a job. The reply that he gave was pathetic and sick. He was acting like a bitch (sorry for that) but what does he think of himself??

No matter what his views and beliefs are about microsoft or commercial sw industry, he is bound to give a humble reply to a humble offer using decent words rather than a crap.

See this link for your own personal displeasure:

He has really made us all (the open source community) feel embarrassed… since he is considered one of the leaders in open source movements… he should have thought about for a moment that he REPRESENT’s us… anyways… he is no more a leader for me…

His reply lacks maturity (which I thought was something abundant in the open source world). A simple “No, thanks” would’ve sufficed, but he had to take the 12-year-old approach…

he should have thought about for a moment that he REPRESENT’s us… anyways… he is no more a leader for me…

Yeah, I felt the same way about James Hunt, the F1 driver. What a prix. I mean I drive a car too, you know, and here he is giving us all a bad name.


Actually, all things considered, I found it quite amusing. Do you really think for a moment that anyone at Microsoft paid any more attention to his reply than a cursory glance, noting of disapproval, and instant delete?

Eric probably knew this as well, and figured he would at least have a little fun at it. Can’t say that I wouldnt do the same thing…

im surprised microsoft actually uses for e-mails, i mean - i’ve sent e-mails from [email protected]… i would so have thought it was a pratical joke and arrange a fake meeting lol.

An Open Source advocate being an arse. Who would’ve guessed %| I bet he was giggling like a 4th grader when he wrote that, too.

I’ve been a member of the Open Source community for many years now. I see nothing wrong with the way he replied. Some schmuck was pulling a fast one one somebody and Mr. Raymond had some fun with it. Besides, he was representing himself, not anyone else. They offered him the job, not the entire Open Source community (I would have taken the job, by the way, and gave my salary to Mandriva.). Not sure how he acted like a twelve year old either.

Microsoft are criminals. Why treat them like they are your Aunt?

I loved his response – every word.


You guys are taking this way too bourgeois.

Fligh, you (and people like you) make threads like this worthwhile.

Cheers everyone,


First off… even though I’ve been using OpenSource for over 10 years
I can’t say that I know this Eric Raymond person… And personally I Really do not
care. I do however care for the Elysiun community…since I use it a lot and when
I see a personal vendetta post like this I just go to reply.

  1. Why do you care about Eric’s reply to microsoft?
  2. Who’s to say that the post was real and not a fake? Do you know him in person?
  3. Who are you to judge anyone? Why be such a busy body about people you
    don’t know.

It’s not bound to do anyting. Only people who really contribute (by doing actual work - not slandering) are doing something useful.


For a person not caring, you sure do care a lot :wink:

microsoft are head hunting opensource ‘gurus’ to help them better understand the open source ‘way’, now why would that be? and what pisses me off is that they’ve had successes.

why is it people judge others actions by there own ‘idea’ of what is correct behaviour, why is it people so called members of the opensource community put these guys on pedestals as leaders and then get embarrased and ‘bitch’ when their illustrious leaders actions don’t fit their ‘profile’ of a normal adult behaviour. and what’s the crap about representing us all.

to opensource ‘gurus’ like Eric the opensource ‘way’ is a religion and thank f-ck there’s people like them fighting FOR opensource all the way rather than just being on the take, using opensource because it’s free and not caring to know about it’s history and development.

do you think the opensource ‘movement’ & ‘community’ would be where it is now without people driven to stand up for it like him. the history of it speaks for itself, there should be no humble replies or simple no thanks.

I don’t know, just sounds like an ego that’s been bruised because the people at Microsoft don’t know who he is. I surely don’t know who he is, but it is kind of funny, if he has been waging a campaign against microsoft for years, it is real funny someone at Microsoft actually asked him to work for them.

Makes me think the leadership is starting to get scared of the real competition. You don’t give your enemies a cent, unless you are hoping you can buy them off.

Microsoft has played cut-throat business, beyond what many would consider legal, or moral, for decades. I kind of like to see someone say “Yeah Right!” to the Monopoly.

Of course, I would personally take a job with microsoft, because I don’t necessarily think they are the devil. Apparently Eric S. Raymond does… like most Apple nuts I know… :wink:

like most Apple nuts I know…

Didn’t know apples had nuts.


I do know Windows don’t have nuts.


Well, it could have been worse. MS guy’s research team could have given him this guy’s info. :smiley:





[quote]like most Apple nuts I know…

Didn’t know apples had nuts.[/quote]

I do know Windows don’t have nuts.[/quote]

Pane in the nuts.


peas have nuts.


Yeah, I’m a regular care-bear!

i dont know how you dont know this guy. He is the author of the famous books including Cathedral and Bazaar and is one of the key personalities in the open source movements. I guess the 300+ comments on his site made it clear… 10 yrs and you dont know him, you indeed missed some1…

Yah, but now that you have made me aware of him… I’m searching “Google” as always,
but I guess I’m more focused on using the tools rather than who’s behind them.