Some piano recordings

I finally got around to making some newer recordings. These are for an audition tape, which is more of a formality since I’m going to be a music composition major.

The pieces are Haydn’s F major sonata (no. 23 I think) and Ravel’s “Une barque sur l’ocean” from his Miroirs.
Here’s the recordings:’ocean.mp3

That is really very cool, thanks!

You, sir, are a genius. I knew you were a pretty savvy pianist by reading previous posts,but I had no idea you were this advanced. Good to know we’ve got some serious musical talent on these forums.

P.S. There’s a piece I’ve got in my head and just can’t figure out where it’s from or what it’s called. I’ll post a midi of what I remember, hopefully you’ll recognize it.

Great work!

Do you play the 3rd movement of the Moonlight Sonata? I love that one.

Here, I made a quick midi file. Please, can anyone who knows this song PM me or post in this thread if Valarking doesn’t mind.

P.S. I just made this up so obviously most of the notes are wrong, but you get the idea.

Brahm’s 5th Hungarian Dance.

I’ll post an orchestral recording rec in a little bit, but I have to go teach piano, heh.

I’ve never learned it, but I’ve read through it. It’s actually a lot easier than it looks or sounds. I had a friend who could play it and carry on a conversation at the same time. Really cool piece though.

Ok, I got back home early because of a reschedule so here’s the one you’re looking for:

Ahh!!! Thank you! I absolutely love this piece.

Again, thanks!

I can sleep tonight.

Yay!! Other musicians on the forums!!

I really like the third movement by Hayden, It sounds so swell:).

I also play piano (and a poor amount of guitar) and am considering a composition major! What type of composition are you going for…I mean…other than piano. Orchestral? Just curious:).

Keep going, man!


Pretty much all kinds of classical composition.

Here are some of the recent ones I did