some pictures i have made

here are some pictures i made:
i hope i get good feedback from everyone.

are you new to just blender or computer graphics entirely?.. uh,… the chicken is funny.

why dose everything look so… anim8tor? did you know blender is more powerful than anim8tor? feel free to push the software more. youll be surpised at what it can do.

Read the mediawiki and read tutorials and you’ll be making better images in a jiffy.

If you’re new to vertex pushing it’s pretty good. I could never carry on with projects at that point. I like the lava lamp. Desk is floating is space, wtf? :wink:

thanks guys i will try to do better.
usually i like to make simple things but i will make something more realistic next time

its hard to get started and it takes alot of courage to post somthing when your a beginner but you’ll get good if you keep trying. i still havent posted anything on this forum

i havnt posted anything on the finished art cause i cant seem to get myself to accept my work is finished! i keep adding on and adding on until i wreck my work!