Some polys don't show up in uvmapping?

I split my view one for uvface select and one for uvmap view. On the first some of my faces turn transparent leaving only the mesh visible. I’ve noticed that NOT uvmapping in blender and opening the model in another uvmapping program yields the same results. Please; how can I fix this?

I don’t think I understand your problem. Could you post a screenshot?

Before you do, TAB into Edit Mode, select all vertices and press CTRL-N to make sure all your normals are facing the right direction…

Also, in the uv face select, if you have some faces selected and they are behind some faces on your model, the view will show the ones in front transparent so you can see the faces you are working on.

I’m not quite sure what that last reply means; If I deselect everything it might be back to normal? Around 5 polys are still transparent after ctrl+n. (which is better than it was before)

The reason parts of your mesh turn transparent is because you are in textured view and the transparent areas tell you that surface normals are pointed away from your view. Tab into edit mode, select all parts of the mesh and CTRL+N to recalculate normals outside.

I just ran across this problem too. It’s most likely the normals for those faces are pointed the wrong way and sometimes cntrl+n doesn’t fix it. The other way you can do it is to select the face that is transparent in edit mode, then hit the “Flip Normal” button in the mesh edit buttons

For some reason it doesn’t always fix it but I haven’t had that problem in a long time.

Well I managed to fix it. Apparently (or at least it seems like) ctrl+n only inverts the stuff or decides to leave some polys out randomly. 99% of the time I just selected the face and did ctrl+n and it worked (rather than ctrl+n-ing the entire model)

If Ctrl-N is leaving random polys out then your mesh is non-manifold. Somewhere you have an edge sharing more than two faces, or doubles, or something…