Some Problems with compositing

Heyho Mates!

I tried to make the Grass-Tutorial of the NatureAcademy. Now, at the end i have a Problem. When i render my Image, it will just render the upper Part. I think something is going wrong with the Compositing! Here are two Images. One, the Failed Image, and the other the Compositing.

Hope someone can help me! Thanks!

you dont appear to have anything rendered in your scene layers. are you certain you have the right layers checked in the scene so there is some thing to render?

Yeah it will be rendered. thats not the Problem…only not in the upper Picture showed.
you see the Buttons right beside the “backdrop” function? when i press the 2nd of those it will Show the finished Scene, how it should be. and when the 1st is pressed, it will Show the top Picture…but also if i save the Image after Rendering, doesn’t matter which button is pressed, it will conclude to the “fail” picture

You have multiple viewer nodes in there and the only active node is the composite node. Node tree is also messy.
If you want someone to take a proper look, save your render as multilayer openexr file and make a separate compositing file using that .exr as input. Then pack the render result and other relevant images with file -> external data -> pack into .blend and save the file for upload.

So i shall upload the .blend file of my Project?

Only needs the compositing part if there is nothing wrong with the render layers or rendering.
Like ST said, render layers you have in the compositor don’t show anything and this would suggest there is something wrong with those. Remove all viewer nodes and connect one again by ctrl+shift+LMB clicking on each input node to make sure all inputs output right things.

there isn’t anything wron with the renderlayers…they work pretty fine. i just hadn’t rendered that in that screenshot…

From the wiki documentation: “Most nodes produce an image that is the same size as the image input into their top image socket. So, if you want to uniformly combine two images of different size, you must scale the second to match the resolution of the first.”

Check the size of your render output, size of your imported images, and settings on your translate & scale nodes.