some questions

I`ve got some question relating to game engine,i hope someone could help me

my project is making a house tour,using character movement like fps demo, some question that i have for now is:

if i move the character to door how to make the door open by itself?or move?
using an object collision? because it`s a door, can i just use armature and object collision?to push the door naturaly?
or i need animation inside the game?
for making game should i use bake/render function?or just using p and the game texture etc will working?


here’s one way ( there’s many) to make the door open.
Select your character and give it a “Int” property named “me”.
Now select the door.
Put the center of the door object in the rotation axis/hinge
Now in frame 1 ( closed position) add a Rot IPO key
Go to frame 25 rotate the door to “Open position” and add another Rot Key
In the Game buttons add a Collision Sensor - Property:me -> AND -> IPO Actuator - Play - Sta: 1 End: 25
Now, play the game the door should open
About textures? The “good” way its to apply them with the UV editor( image textures), but you can bake the Blender textures too.

thanks sooo much for the answer
btw should i set the same each door one by one?or can i just set it for all door in the house?

Yes, you can use “copies”!

More question regarding texture, can`t i just using base texture inside my game?
like making glass, or floor, without using UV texture all over the game?
because when i do that and press P the result really bad or wont show up
how can i make a glass if only using UV?