Some questions

Hi, i need help with this things:

1: How can i make an infinite Space Sky dome, like making the player unable to reach to the Sky dome

2: Can somebody give me a program to make Game Songs?

3: How can i make an object never fall from a track like in F-ZERO GX:

4: Can Somebody tell me what program can i use to make Space Skydomes (Like from Space shooter games)

Thanks if someone help

1# Camera Background Scene

2# Google 8-Bit music program

3# Unwrap a sphere (Sphere From View) Texture it with GIMP or a similar program.

1- More precisely, use a background scene with a camera that follows the main cameras orientation.
2- Same as above.
3- Search for the simpler fps template by raiderium (you may contact raiderium on, the setup allows (magnetic) surface gravity.
4. You can use blender and gimp or Blender alone.
Good luck!