Some recent caves.

Greetings, everyone. As a new member of this forum as of today, I’m still a bit out of place.

I’ve been using Blender 2.49b since it came out – nearly a year. I’d never used a 3D program before, but I think after all this time I’m starting to get the hang of it.

I dropped LohnS a line inquiring about some of my older work and whether and where I could display it, but he hasn’t gotten back to me yet (and I have sneaking suspicion the reason why should be obvious to me). At any rate, until that time I’ve got a few more recent items to show.

Given my four-year absence from the internet and the subsequent atrophy of my UBB skills, smart money says the following links will probably not work correctly.

I can offer no sincere apologies for the standard DVD resolution of these two items. I am using an eight-year-old Dell Dimension 8200 with 256mb of RAM and only 1GHz of CPU. And I am a man of surprisingly little patience.

If I’ve made some dreadful mistake, kindly inform me as swiftly as possible. Thank you.

edit: Oh, well. One of them is at Blu-Ray resolution. I’d forgotten about that one.

Welcome to the forums!

Welcome. Nice caves.

I really like the first one.

Thank you very much, fellows.

asian.monkey: I have to agree, I do like the first one better myself.

I was skimming around and found another one while I was at it.

As for how I made these, they’re just slightly extruded cubes (maybe a dozen faces or so) with SubSurf all the way up to 6 and a Displacement modifier. The first uses CellNoise and the second and third use Clouds.

I should probably make a closeup of the light-machine at the end of the second one… if it’s even worth it.

I could reproduce one of them in less than a minute if I tried. I was surprised at how well they came out considering how little real manual “work” I did.

Edit: I take the boast back. I just tried it and it’s already taken me ten minutes and it looks nothing like the first one. Lesson in humility…
The cave’s Light Making Machine. Apparently, this is an unusually dark cave requiring heavy voltage to illuminate. I’m not happy with the wood texture, but controlling the mapping of procedural textures evades me thus far for the most part. Maybe some displaced normals would help it along.

I originally had in mind to think up some sort of exploration/horror story to go with these caves – I modeled a horrific (and crude) monster and came up with some brief backstory about a haunted mine or some such, but I wasn’t able to decide on a main character.

By the way, a forum-related question: when showcasing different pieces of different subjects, am I supposed to create a new thread for each subject? I notice everyone else doing it and I was wondering if that’s the requirement or just tradition. I have other items I’ve been working on recently that I’d like some response to; one has got to find out if one is holding up to expectations!

Subjects? If it is a different project then i would make a new thread, if it is stuff related to the project i would keep it in the same thread…

Well… project, I meant, I suppose. So as long as the images relate to the caves theme, it’s acceptable to post them here? That makes sense.

All right, I have a few more then.

A monster!
Mapping the texture to “normal” and having it influence hardness produces a sort of slimy effect, but the jittery texture motion seen during animation is a bit strange-looking. It looks a bit dumpy, I think. The trunk came out of nowhere.

Some poor soul. Perhaps the head of a mine worker, or downtrodden villager. A mangled, disfigured, sleep-deprived, malnourished villager, perhaps.
And here we have a test of some kind of bizarre mineral, perhaps the stuff they’d be mining. It certainly looks unsafe enough.

If wireframes of the monster and head would be of any assistance, let me know.