Some scripts for animation (M-blur, Trajectory of Obj...)

This script allow to make a pseudo- Motion Blur without use Blender internal one.

The idea is to make copies of the mesh and affect an Time offset and a transparent material to copies.
So render is quickly than traditional Mblur and is easy to configure.

To make render don’t forget to turn on the layer 10 (like in the example file)

Special thanks to jms who give me the main idea of the script :wink: .

There is also some other script I made less usefull than this one (I think) :

Transform a mesh in curve :

Transform a ipo movement to a path linked one :

See in ‘real time’ the trajectory of an object :

And for people who can read french, a script that allow to place point in 3d from their position on two picture :

If some one is interested in one of this script and want me to devellop it more, let me know it :smiley:

Sorry for the flood of .blend files :stuck_out_tongue:

Your scripts are very interesting!

Specially I like the real-time trajectory one :o because I asked for this feature many time ago.
In conjuntion with the show_keyframes (K key) it´s an invaluable tool for tweaking animations (specially on character animation).

Feature requests:

Is posible to do an update when the object is moved?

Is posible to show the trajectories of severals selected objects?

Thank you very much! :wink:

P.D: I sugest to change the initial subject of the post so more users can be interested in the otrer scripts :wink:

Thank you for your comment. So I follow your advice and have changed the initial subject.

Besides I have improved the script for real time trajectory (using an other method to get the positon of object, which allow the script to go faster)

Link :

Improvement :

  • If when you lanch the script some objects are selected, their trajectory will be shown all the time.

  • The trajectory is now white when current frame isn’t the frame of a ipo key for the object. Then changement on the object haven’t influence.
    However, if current frame is a the frame of a animation key for object, trajectory becomes red and you can move your object and trajectory will follow :smiley: . It isn’t necessary to use I-key to fix the trajectory (it is automaticly made).
    If the trajectory is white but you want to be able to move your object, just add a key with I-key >> loc.

  • The script can be put in the directory .script/. User will only see the asking of Futur and Past settings.

Wow You´re fast!!

Thank you very much! :wink:

Excelent works 3R!
I will add all of them to my list :

Wow You´re fast!!

Thank you very much! :wink:

It’s thank to you that I have improve the script. And now I think it can be usefull in this version, so thank you too :slight_smile:

Excelent works 3R!
I will add all of them to my list :

Merci :smiley: I’m very happy to see my scripts in this list.

I’m working to make the script support Parents of objects. It can be usefull %|
The problem is that when an object is parented, to keep the same animation that before parenting, Blender take as matrix of base that of parent’s current position.

But finally, after hours of work, I’ve found how to get it : if ‘child’ is the child object, the quickest is to get :

So now in few hours I think I’ll be able to release a good version.

Those are some excellent scripts. Thanks a lot for them. updated :

Now it supports parenting. It wasn’t easy to make the code because IPO’s values are global values if the parent object is in the position he had when parenting was made. It allow to keep position of child after parenting without modify ipo.

Consequently size of script doubled :frowning: but it’s very interesting to see modifications of moving of parent on trajectory of childs

I also add the possiblity to modify only an IPO curve if there is only a keyframe for that curve. For exemple if you have only add a LocX Ipo curve manualy, when current frame is one frame key for LocX curve, you can modify trajectory on X axis.
To see when we can modify one, two or three curve, trajectory is more or less red.

What about to be able to modify also Rotation by the same way (when a keyframe already exists, pass in mode autokeyframe)?

Nice update!

I have an idea:
Why don´t capture and erase the CTRL+Z shortcut while we are outside of edit mode?
May be this help to not crash using undo by error, until the bug is fixed :wink:

ya know what the trajectory is missing ? Colors… Nice flat colors that contrast the 3d views background.

Thanks you for comments.
New version for trajectory (always same link):

  • color for trajectory is now blue when trajectory can’t be modifiied.
  • corrected a size bug for parenting objects

Caronte, I think it would be difficult to erase CTRL+Z with a script : even if script is link by Redraw to scene, I think that Blender’s commands are executed before execution of script.
(In 2.37a I have no bug with Ctrl+Z outside of edit mode. I’ll try recent builds)