Some Sequnece Problems

I am having some problems with the sequence editor. When I render the animation the final movie is just a picture. I did click on the Do Sequence button, and in the Editor, I have nothing blank screen then at frame 124 i have an image, then it goes into a scene, mulitpule scenes but when i render hte final animation all that shows up is the image, any ideas on what im doing wrong?

can you screen dump you sequence here to see exactly how it’s set-up

Ok A little problem, I dont have internet at home, and so i use internet at school and they just blocked photobucket. So yeah cant upload the image and my school blocked all proxies too. but this is how i set up the sequence…

Thats how its set up, hope that helps any.

sounds like maybe your strip has to be extended. Blender thinks it is only one image/frame. zoom in and look for little triangles. Grab them and stretch your strip sideways to cover more frames.

Instead of the sequence editor, you might want to try splicing the two segments together using nodes:

Hm…Ill try the composite nodes, if I have time, I have about 9 days left to finish this animation, its for a school project that if its good enough it will be entered into a state competition, but the image is from frame 75-124 and the 1st scene starts at 125-350 when it renders it renders all frames.