some short poems

i’m playing dnd as a bard, and my DM told me i have to write the lyrics of the poems i am reading as the bard. so i did that, and i really enjoyed it so i wrote a few that have nothing to do with the game. some of the poems here are about the game so it’ll be a bit hard to understand what the hell am i talking about (especially in “the story that never was”). well here they are. comments are more than welcome and…enjoy!

a wish for innocence
I look at your eyes,
So filled with hate
We lived in lies
But I will never forget
That beautiful smile, that you once wore
It has disappeared, because of the war
Your innocent look, is no longer here
But after such visions, those things disappear

You have seen the blood, you have seen the pain
You will never be, yourself once again

I never loved anyone before
Like I loved you before this war
My best days in life, were only with you
I loved you so much, and you loved me too
It felt like in heaven, but than they came
And nothing will be the same once again
Our ways were split, and I was filled with fear
That I have lost you, but you are here
I see your face, and you are not the same
You’ve changed your ways, but you are not the one I should blame

You were there, and you have seen the war,
And now I wish, you were innocent once more

adventure my way
Wake up,
It is a new day
Hurry up
Or we might miss our way
Because today, our voyage we shall begin
If you want your freedom to win
So take your stuff, we are leaving today
And maybe an adventure will follow our way

Now we stand, in front of the door
And make the step, we were too scared to make before
I have decided, I cannot live in here
It’s time for us to go away
And finally, we shall engage our fear
And maybe, an adventure will follow our way

We shall cross the entire world
All of its secrets will in-front of us be unfold
The day has come, for us to spread our wings and fly
We’ll rise higher than the mountains, higher than the sky
For a moment, in one place we shall not stay
And maybe an adventure will follow our way

We will cross the mountains and the serpent lake
Long forgotten treasures will in front of us awake
We will gain glory and fame
Every man on earth will know our name
So no longer shall we say “one day”
Because that day, has come today!
So it’s time for us to go on our way
And maybe, just maybe *3
An adventure will follow our way

after battle
I lie on the ground
As I hear the sound
Of the fight
Here tonight
So bad is the pain
I have fallen in vain
All is dark and I don’t see the light
I have died in this war
And I don’t know what for
As my body grows weak
The reason I seek
I have given my word
That I will draw my sword
And I try to find
The reason I was so blind
Didn’t see it was suicide

lights beyond the sand
The wind blows,
And the sand is in the air
The desert knows, but does it care?
Some men see only sand
As they walk on this mystic land
But I see the spirit of this place
I believe I can see its real face

And I know, that when the sun will rise
All is revealed, and there are no lies

If you’ll see in the night a lamp
Than perhaps, you have reached the camp
That was standing there for all time
There you won’t find any crime
If you are looking for business here
This mystic camp will disappear

And I know, that when the sun will rise
All is revealed, and there are no lies

Those men are good, and their heart is pure
If you are hurt, they got the cure
If you feel hunger, they’ll provide you food
They will help you if your heart is good
When you’ll leave, all that remains is sand
And memories of the mystic land

And I know, that when the sun will rise
All is revealed, and there are no lies

You hide yourself from curious eyes
Think you are safe behind your disguise
They look at you, and they don’t feel
They see someone who was never real
To change yourself, you must be strong
But you have played this role for too long
While putting more depth in this role
You have begun, to lose your soul
You’ve changed to fit this place
But now you have a mask instead of a face

The mask you’ve created, brings you to your knees
All you have accomplished is actually his
He is loved by your friends, you are trapped in his chain
If you will destroy him, will they remain?
For so many years, you were under his shade
And now to reveal yourself, you are afraid
To end his existence, now is your task
But now he is the face, and you are the mask

ruled by the sword
I have returned but my friends think otherwise
They follow the strong, and not the wise
In the night, I plan my move
To the people, I must proove
That their eyes are blind
That he washed their mind

He leads them to the death
They follow him like blind and deaf
I give you my word
I will make him drop his sword

I have returned to the place that I thought I knew
But now I see that everything is new
The only place, which symbolized peace
Now draws a sword, but the reason I miss
They have never seen a war
They haven’t been in a fight before

He leads them to the death
They follow him like blind and deaf
I give you my word
I will make him drop his sword

the story that never was
I return to the place that never existed
I return to the time that never was
Everything around me is so twisted
All I see, is this decayed rose
There beyond the mist
Is the battle that doesn’t exist
Only I can be the one
Who will stop the war that had never begun
We fought the spell, which was never cast
Only we could do it, because we were the last
That wicked darkness, was never awake
This story never happened, but it’s not fake
One warrior, his sword he must wield
To be brave and brake his shield
Because of the stones, he was blind
It takes one kiss to clear his mind
All his power, and all his might
We have managed to stop, with our light
Five stones of darkness that were never made
When we have won, they were fade

i do realize some of them are more like poems and the others are more song lyrics but whatever…

You might want to post them in this thread to get more attention. People rarely check out this forum, as compared to OT-Chat.

As for assessing your poetry, I’ve had enough of that at school, so pardon me, but I won’t say anything.

I really enjoyed to read this. Thanks.