Some sort of low poly rifle

hi, i’m using blender 2.8 to model a rifle. i start with a lowpoly model and i’m gonna make a complete rendering scene. i have some problem with dof for the moment, maybe i need to adjust the camera but can’t find the right way to achieve this. see you on ba

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It’s not DOF that is the problem, it is the draw distance.
In blender, the distant objects are cut off, using the values in the clip input.
There are two places to set it. For the camera that renders the scene, change the clip end value higher. It is on your screenshot, in the lens section.
For the viewport, open up the properties panel (N key), and scroll down until you find the same input.

thanks a lot for your advice, i’m gonna check that settings. i have a basic render now but have difficulties to adjust the repeat value of the texture. i need to learn a little bit more about material and evee…

i finally found the right way to project my uv… what a pleasure to edit them in realtime with eeve.

another render…

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nice work man