some stocks or something

continuing in the tradition of offering advice nobody needs or wants, that is bound to degenerate into either a tumbleweeds, cricket chirping boring thread or a long, rambling boring thread:

MOSY - wii chip manufacturer. xbox chip manufacter. samsung, toshiba etc etc etc manufacturer. it went up 20% today, but I think it’s still relatively cheap. that’s a lot by the way.

NTDOY.PK - nintendo. I think the wii is going to be very, very successful. they are making a profit on each one, unlike sony, who is losing like $300 per system at least. and if their first, untested run gets some bad ones that’s more like a $700 loss per console, plus the cost of replacement. XBOX division is over a billion in the red for the same reason. (faulty first gen production machines)

that is all. these stocks have so far made me over $400 in three months. like I said, take it or leave it, but I’m doing this because I love you. you, personally, reading these words right now. all 1 of you.

these are stock symbols traded on the new york stock exchange fyi.

Sucks to have invested in online gambling atm, hehe.

MOSY has a spike, I dont know enough of the company to know how that will go after, but there will be a drop as people cash in. Are they likely to have had a good quater?

yah it’s surprising, this morning it went up ANOTHER 5 points after their earnings report, to 7.90. I bought it at 6.40. their yearly target estimate is 11 dollars though, so chances are this is the quarter to buy it! especially because the wii will be released in a month. I’d say buy if it goes back below 7.50. I also think it might go beyond 11 because the market has pretty much ignored this stock until now

wow, that sounds pretty good. i’m in an econ class at school, and we’re doing a stock market game, statewide. i just tried to add your two stock suggestions to my stock portfolio, but now it says that there are no pending transactions, despite the fact that i’ve submitted something like 10 transactions in the past 18 hours (the website only sends the transactions through at the end of the market day). well, if they go through, all i have to say to you is thanks. sudden business decisions on companies that like to fluctuate has put me down about $10,000 , out of a starting amount of $100,000 , which has placed my team at a rather pitiful spot. hopefully your suggestions (and some patience) will pick it up a little.

I don’t know if you have to use a certain program but yahoo finance is excellent at tracking stock portfolios, instant updates, etc…

another one to look at is (for a penny stock) is MCTI.OB - they make semiconductor manufacturing equipment, right now it’s trading at .20 cents. good luck!

uuhg, it’s horribly restrictive. the site is , we have accounts assigned by the teacher (teams were our own though), we got $100,000 to start with, but we have to buy stocks in groups of 100, and the price of a stock can’t be less than $5. and as stated before, the transactions are not real-time, but go in at the end of the day. real-time trading requires more skill than luck, unlike this “game” we’re playing at school, and i haven’t felt all too lucky for a couple weeks. i gotta get some more sleep…

Yeah, a simulation stock exchange game. Good for learning :slight_smile:

Well I hope your investment turns out to be a right one and you’ll get a good return on it! I’m too young to play in the stock exchange nor do I have a significiant amount of cash to do that. But that will come in a few years I suppose


Both IVAC (Intevac) and WDC (western Digital) have low PE’s and little debt.

I day trade, but they pulled in fast money. For a day trader, IVAC can be a dream come true, as it fluctuates anywhere between 50 cents to a dollar every day.

IVAC has no debt, and $3 per share in cash! It regularly beats estimates. This third quarter, I got it may not, but they said in the shareholder webcast, that they expect the 4th quarter to be recordbreaking… he said it many times, and his voice trembled with excitment each time.

Intevac makes the equipment to make perpendicular hard disks, like the ones used in various small electronic devices (ipods)

WDC, has a low p/e and good name. But they are currently dogged by a possible options error from 1999-2002. They also mostly manufacture computer hard disks only… but… if history is any indicator, if there is a day with a newsless freefall in price, the next day will rebound. I have seen it happen twice in the past few weeks, and made $240 on the second one in three hours. So it is prone to panic, but also prone to rallying, a day traders dream. What I like most about it in this bull market is it’s low p/e and debt… because there are still many people looking for a good bargain in a market getting saturated with real estate bust cash.

The market is good right now, so everything is good. But Rite-Aid is also an attractive stock, if you can bypass the debt and believe their recent purchase of all the eckards drug stores will help them dig out faster.

Re: MOSY I don’t like it. Not only do I think Wii is the stupidist name ever for a console, spelled stupid, (kind of like Intel’s viiv), I have a suspicion it may have been named aftter the cheapest 3 letter website they could find, I expect Nintendo to bite the dust on this one.

But it’s not just that. MOSY has a p/e of -56, and it’s revenue has fallen in the past quarter. So it is really riding hard on Wii’s success, and my money is against Nintendo. I guess I should actaully play with the controller, before jumping to conclusions, but something tells me it will not be as responsive as hoped by many gamers.

I say if you want a relatively cheap stock that’ll pay off invest in activision. By the end of the year it will be up several dollars because of the release of games for the wii and the ps3. My personal opinion.

Watch my stock IVAC tomorrow… too bad I bet the wrong way, and jumped out expecting the estimated results, (0.17 per share) and a price drop. :frowning: Instead it came in at 0.45 a share this quarter. I just missed out on winning the lottery. :frowning:

It will jump probably 20 - 25% tomorrow.