Some stone textures

I’m working on some stone textures for a team project at the moment. Here are the results so far. Note that these are from the CVS version of blender and make use of ambient occlusion and new procedural noise.

The images look very different on this monitor as compared to the one I created them on…and I can already see that its necessary for me to reduce some of the noise in the stone and soften it. But I’m happy with the “floor”. Comments…questions…suggestions?

You might throw more rounded shapes is the floor. It’s too irregular to be tile, too uniform to be natural stone. The lines come off as Borgish. More organic shapes would solve that.

i think the texture looks very realistic

very nice desoto!

The shading looks excellent, even if the noise was a bit heavy on the “rocks”. May I see what settings you used or get a brief description?

Is the floor procedural? I’m not really familiar with the CVS builds.

I think it looks nice, except the stone has too much black noise like you said.

Yes the floor looks like the a new procedural, i have played with it. Someone said about adding more rounded shapes for it to be tile? Its a procedural it doesnt use tiling.

To answer some of the questions:

Shadowman: It ocurred to me that it looks a bit odd to be a stone wall of some sort but I’m still tweaking it so I’m going to see if there’s a combination of noise I can use that gets rid of this problem.

Nathan and SKeletor: Thanks for the compliments!

crsrma: Basically the texture is several layered procedural noises with a very high bump set to one of them. The lines between the tiles are from the same noise settings but set to no RGB and MUL for mapping. When the team project is done we’ll probably make all of the files available. But thats up in the air at this point.

shbaz and L13: All procedurals from a compile of blender I did yesterday after a CVS update. So its about as recent as you can get.

No RGB… ah hah. That was quite helpful, thanks a lot & good luck with your project.

I like the floor texture, can you post it?

Unfortunately I can’t but when the project is done we will be making the files available to everyone for whatever they want to do with them.

yeah as soon as this project is done, we can post everything that ya’ll like, hopefully it will all be liked, but that’s just hopefull thoughts :stuck_out_tongue: