Some Sylvan Elves Designs, Looking for Critique

Hi Guys! I have some primitive Sylvan Elf costume designs I would like to have critiqued, because they are for a comics project I am currently working on. The inspiration for the designs is taken from Aztec/Maya clothing, with a touch of 1995’s “Waterworld” for color direction. Feel free to give me some constructive criticism, suggestions to make them better/more interesting, because I am not sure of the design for the caveboy’s.

Also note: dude with the cape is a medicine man, the dude with the poncho-attire is the chief, and the boy is the chief’s son who is wearing what everyone else wears. I need some opinions.

Thanks in Advance,


I think if you had a few planty pastel tones in there, greens and stuff, and maybe a few specks of brighter reds, it would bring out the colours a lot more. Right now as it is, they seem a bit flat.

That is so cool!