Some themes for blender 2.83 and some proposals

I would like to contribute to the blender 2.83 with some of my blender themes !

and would like to propose some changing to the blender 2.83:

  • the hair option should be separated from the particle menu and would received an own icon
  • the object scatter mode should be more available - for example: it would received an own icon
  • …and using some of these following themes :smiley:

that’s all for now

xsisoftimage.xml (43.2 KB)

lightwave.xml (42.6 KB)

neutral_blue.xml (43.2 KB)

softblend.xml (43.3 KB)

flatty_light.xml (42.4 KB)


Nice! This brings feeling of XSI nostalgia. Although I’ve personally only worked with it for a short while, I’ve always loved its UI design.

can you propose the lightwave one to be in the official build ? there’s a devtalk topic about the themes

thanks for the tipp !

With some presets would be nice. Like “grass”, “curly hair” and so on.

Yes, that would be cool !